For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in Hair, Fashion, History and Art. I remember, as a little girl, seeing an amazing hairstyle in a movie set in the 1700's and wondering how it was done. I was always in awe of hair and makeup styles I saw in my history books at school. As I got older, I because interested in Theater and that interest because Passion when I went to college. Of Course life doesn't always pan out the way we think it will and I left love for Theater in the past. It wasn't until my sister, Alyx began her training at Paul Mitchell the School Tysons Corner that I started thinking that maybe her path, was actually my path as well. Six Months after she began her schooling, I began mine, and the rest is History.

I recieved my training from Paul Mitchell the School Tysons Corner. Whilst there, I was a member of the Design Team, Working numerous fashion shows and events. I was also a member the honors program.

I specialize in Cutting and Styling. I have a love for Updos, drawing inspiration from History as well as the world around me. I am comfortable styling all hair types, Textures and Lengths.