Makeup Tip of the Week

I actually made it before the month was out.....WOOHOO!!! So this week/month for my blog...I'm going to do a bit of a rant whilst giving you some advice! This is also going to be a multi-tip blog! So, without further ado....(I know, I know...I usually have a back story, an essay, history lesson, and then some!) here are the tips I bring to thee!

1) Lighting, lighting, lighting

In cosmetology school, or at least the one I went to, we learned about how lighting affects EVERYTHING! This includes hair color, skin tone, shading, highlighting, etc. There are three different types of light. There is incandescent light, fluorescent light, and natural light. Incandescent light is the light that makes the warmer (red) tones come out in your skin and hair, which makes you look more tan. Fluorescent light is the light that makes the cool (blue) tones come out in your skin and hair, which makes you look more pale, tired, etc. Natural light is just that...natural. It is the light that comes straight from the sun, which is the best light that you can use! So, let me give you a scenario that has happened to me before. I was doing makeup on a client who wanted a very simple, natural look and she said she liked how my eyeshadow was. I was using a new palette that is all natural tones and all of the colors brighten up as you blend. I always start with a darker color on the outside of the eye and move inward. I was working in a combination of natural and incandescent light so it can make the eyeshadow look darker than normal. When I finished with the dark brown color, she looked in the mirror and said that the makeup was too dark. I finished the makeup and she still said it was too dark, so I lightened it up as much as I could without removing the makeup and starting over. When she walked into the next room, which was filled with natural light (completely white room with many windows), she saw her makeup and realized that it wasn't so dark after all. But this actually leads me into my next tip:


I'm one that is usually quick to trust, but once you lose that is gone. A good portion of stylists went to school, worked for a year or more and took their test and got licensed for one reason. They love this industry! I love being able to turn someone around in my chair and make them feel as beautiful as I saw them when they walked in! That is my favorite part! But the thing is, we know what we are doing. We know how lighting affects skin tone and color, we know what colors will work with your skin tone or what will make your eyes pop. Yes it can be scary to let someone you may have just met have all your trust, but we really do know what we are doing. I was trained on hair and makeup from one of the best schools in the country and I have picked up things from the various shows and shoots I have done in the past, so although there is more and more for me to learn, I do know what I am doing. Which leads me to my next point:


We stylists are tougher than you think we are. The one thing that I want when you leave my chair, is to be happy with the finished look that I have given you. If when your stylist or makeup artist is done and presents you with the finished look and you aren't satisfied with it in any way, please, PLEASE, PLEASE  tell your stylist what you don't like! We won't cry or be angry, we will do our best to fix what needs fixing and do our best to make you happy with your results! It makes us happy to see you walk out pleased with your hair/makeup. We will be angry if you say you like what we gave you and then complain later to the front desk or online that we didn't do a good job and didn't give you what you want. Which kind of leads me to my last point:

4) Know when to RUN!

Trying to figure out how to start this part is harder than most, so I guess I will just jump right in and say it. If a stylist is willing to keep highlighting, lightening, relaxing, doing that Brazilian blowout treatment without educating you on the dangers of continuing those, RUN FAST AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE! Your hair can break, fall out, something stylists commonly call a "chemical cut"! It's not pretty! So if your stylist is okay with continuing to do damaging services, run away and save your head. If your stylist educates you on why you should not do those services...keep them around, they want you to be happy!

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Makeup Tip of the Week

Hey there folks! I know, I's been a while since I did a tip of the summer has been really busy between working, doing makeup classes, photo shoots, and fighting dragons and...wait...not that last bit! No, but in all seriousness, I have been really busy this past month and haven't really been able to find the time...or the do a makeup tip of the week, let alone think of one! So here I am, nearly the end of a overly warm day, trying to write this! But I've been thinking, and I thought that maybe I could add some hair tips in here too (can't take all the mom thought of it first)! "But're a MAKEUP ARTIST....not a hair person, thing!" True and not true! I AM a makeup artist but I am a LICENSED makeup artist, which means I went to beauty school...AND FINISHED! So I am licensed to cut, color, perm, relax, style hair, do basic facials, do makeup, attempt tweezing your eyebrows, do basic manicures, etc etc etc! But enough about MY life...on to my Makeup/Hair Tip of the Week....that title might need some work!

So this week.../month, I want to discuss something that not really everyone knows about...your health and how it affects your hair...and skin. Now I want you to do something really quick as you are reading this...ready? Reach up and pull a strand of hair from your head! Go on...don't look at me with that tone of voice! Do it! Okay, now that you've done that, take a look at it. That right there my friends, in your hands, most likely between your thumb and index finger, is your life story! Everything in your life, everything you consume, everywhere you go, can be told to a stranger from that ONE strand in your hand...that rhymed! One strand of hair can show an entire rap sheet better than your blood and police can before they look you up. If you have ever drank, done drugs, been pregnant, ate all those french fries in one sitting....or that pizza, your hair will say that! YOU may not be able to see it, but it is true! Your hair absorbs EVERYTHING that the rest of your body does, which is why you take vitamins to help your hair be shinier, your skin cleaner, and your nails grow longer. But that isn't all, your hair will show how many times you visit your hairstylist for a root touch up, or that box for a root touch up, it shows how often you get get your hair lightened per year, it shows everything! So...basically...take care of yourself and your hair and skin will look so much healthier....and not tell your dirty little secrets! ;)

Until next time....Stay Bold!

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Makeup Tip of the Week

Alrighty's now everybody's favorite time of the year...Summer time!!! *cue "Summertime"* I know that EVERYONE knows how to stay protected in the sun, but the thing is, in today's society, tan, is a good thing and a beautiful thing. I confess that I used to LOVE being about 10 shades darker than the slightly 2 shades above glow-in-the-dark skin tone that I am currently sporting, but I don't anymore. I'm okay with being pale! Pale is good! Pale is pretty! Being purposely tan isn't necessarily healthy for you either. You are exposing yourself to UVA and UVB rays that can/will damage and age your skin. "But Alyx, what are UVA and UVB rays?" Well folks, it's time for a little Theory Time With Alyx *cue theme music*!

The Sun (yes the big bright yellowish-gold thing in the sky....most days) emits various forms of radiation and rays, but it also emits essential nutrients, which is why you should play outside more when you are young so you can grow! Everything on Earth needs to be exposed to the Sun, but Humans really only need about 15 minutes of Sun exposure per day. Which is why we try to send our young children outside to play...they too need the Sun in order to grow, like a flower...or a weed...depending on the day of the week. Two of the harmful rays that the sun does emit that our fragile human bodies soak up are UVA and UVB rays. Both rays are bad for us and of course we soak it up like a sponge in water. Both rays have their special mutants. The UVA rays cause aging, which is why they are UVA rays. A = aging. The UVB rays are the rays that cause you to tan/burn...mostly burn! B = burning. When you burn, you are damaging your skin and the cells inside! That isn't good. Your skin is the only thing between you and every disease and infection on Earth. So you want to protect it! Thus why we wear sunblock. You are technically supposed to wear SPF50 when you are doing outdoor activities, but when is the last time any of us read the instructions/terms and conditions on anything? The number SPF is the number of times longer it will take for you to burn than if you weren't wearing sunblock at all. So for all of the people who take tanning oil with SPF4, they are basically contradicting the purposes of the SPF because they are still absorbing the UVA/UVB rays, thus still damaging their skin.

Theory time is over now! If you like being tan, that's great, more power to you. I'm not here to judge! I'm here to give advice. But there are SAFER ways to be tan than going out in the sun for hours and hours or laying in a tanning bed...yeah, those are bad for you too! Same rays and all. There are so many other options for tanning that won't cause you to age and damage your skin! Here are a few:

- Tanning Lotions (Nivea, Jergens, etc)

- Spray Tan

- Bronzer

These are much safer and just as effective as laying out and tanning. But one thing with some of the tanning lotions and sprays is that you have to know the boundaries. There is a fine line between "sun-kissed" and "I just rolled around in a bag of Doritos"! Know the difference! Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of sun-kissed! She isn't pale, but she also doesn't resemble a leather purse. An example of "I just rolled around in a bag of Doritos" would be...Snooki circa first season of Jersey Shore or any Desperate Housewife of a tanning salon! It's not cute!

So I guess the moral of this story is, be safe and know the difference between sun-kissed and "where'd my Doritos go?"!

Until next time! Stay Bold!

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I have been waiting for about....maybe a month and a half to post this and it finally came out and I am so excited to share it with everyone!!!! I got published in "The DC Ladies" blog on how to create an eco-chic wedding! I participated in hair and makeup! Thank you to everyone involved in the shoot and thank you for this amazing opportunity!!!

Check it out in the link below:

Or click the "Source" button to go straight to the website!

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Makeup Tip of the Week

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for not blogging every week! It takes me FOREVER to figure out what I want to write and by then....anyways! No need for that!

My makeup tip this week is something that can't really be fixed, but you can weave around it. Oily eyelids....*cue dramatic music*

I have the misfortune of having a SUPER oily face and with that comes SUPER oily eyelids so naturally, my eyeshadow always creases, my liner melts into the crease and looks like I had an unfortunate run-in with a sprinkler system I wasn't's bad! I have tried EVERYTHING and just kinda gave up and accepted my fate as "the makeup artist who can't stop her own shadow from creasing". Until.....*cue more dramatic music*!

One word that helps...well make it two! Powder & Primer! You can use any pressed powder you want and use that to base your lids and then pat in a good bit of primer. Then keep going about putting on your makeup and bada-bing are ready for your day!

The powder and primer I use are Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder 004 Sandstorm and BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer. 

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Makeup Tip of the Week

Something that has been brought to my attention is something that seems to become VERY popular these days! Because of the rise in technology, we can now print things in 3D, which is a huge feat for humanity! But now, someone has taken this 3D printing to a whole new level. We can now print makeup...yes I said makeup! Humans have gone from using stones and plants to using a printer to get our makeup! Now, don't get me wrong, this is, if produced properly, an amazing piece of technology...I will concede to that. You can print ANY color that your heart desires with just a point and click...eyeshadows, lipsticks...the works apparently! But here is the problem with it. The inventor of this printer has said that big businesses are after money, but then again, who isn't? If you put your time and money into creating something, you deserve to get the money that will be flowing your way if it is a success! So here's the thing...doesn't that mean that SHE is in it for the money as well? She is going to retail this amazing printer starting at $300 and it will use FDA-approved ink. You still have to buy the ink for it, which who knows how much that'll be. So in the end, you aren't really saving any money printing you own makeup at home. There's no guarantee that this printed makeup is going to be very pigmented. There is no guarantee that this makeup is going to be hypoallergenic, which these days is what most makeup companies are trying to do. There is no guarantee that this makeup is really safe. You are putting INK on your face...even if it is FDA-apporved! You might as well get least it will last! Sephora and MAC and all those other makeup retailers may charge a higher amount of money for the makeup, but look at what you are really getting! You are getting pigmented, safe makeup that has the ingredients right there for you to read! You are getting makeup that lasts for a long time! I still have a MAC eyeshadow that I bought a few years back and it is still full and I use it a lot! If you don't want to pay $50 for a makeup palette, there are other makeup companies that have pigmented makeup that is less expensive! I use a lot of BH Cosmetics which sells very pigmented makeup for a very inexpensive price! If it is color you are worried about, no worries. Any Makeup Artist should be able to replicate any shade or color you wish to try with the simple mixing and blending of colors and would be happy to educate you on how to do so yourself. So really, my tip for this week is this:

If you are willing to spend $300+ for a printer that prints "makeup" that may not be good for your skin, you might as well take a trip to your local Sephora or MAC store and pay $50-$60 for high quality makeup.

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Makeup Tip of the Week

It took me a few days this time to know what I wanted to write about and even when I woke up this morning, I had no clue as to what I was going to write. It wasn't until I decided to enter a makeup contest that this weeks tip came to me. And really, it's only two words:


Seriously, be bold! Try something new! Don't be afraid to put that bright color on! If you aren't sure if it'll look good on you, try it any way! You never know until you try! So go out there, find something that inspires you, and for the love of all that is good, try something new and be bold!


My look was inspired by the "Radiant Orchid" Contest for BH Cosmetics. Eyeshadow from the "Take me to Brazil" Palette, Blush from the "BH Hollywood" Palette and the Lipstick is Clinique "Bamboo Pink"

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Makeup Tip of the Week

All this time, I have been talking about having makeup on, but now I think I should talk about the different ways to take makeup OFF! There are many different ways to take off your makeup and there are many different brands of makeup remover. I have used a lot of the different wipes that are out there and honestly, I prefer either the Neutrogena Wipes or the ELF Wipes. The Neutrogena tend to get more makeup off in one swipe than any other remover.

Besides plain old makeup remover, you can use baby oil on a cotton pad/ball, just be careful around the eyes.

Soap and water is another way to get your makeup off, but it isn't something I necessarily recommend since the soap could get into your eyes.

There are many other at home solutions if you don't want / like makeup remover / wipes, I have added a link below for a site that has 7 at home solutions for makeup removal!

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Makeup Tip of the Week

About 5 weeks ago, I wrote about how to pick out the proper foundation color and I realized that there is a tip that can make your foundation look even better, and quite honestly, I wish I knew this tip back when I was in high school and had to cake on the makeup for marching band competitions! I always had the problem of really flakey, cakey foundation and, though it looked good from the judges place at the top of the stadium, up close I looked like I slammed my face into cake flour and blended it in. It wasn't until I went to beauty school that I learned this little trick.

Where Marilyn Monroe used Vaseline on her face prior to her foundation application on movie sets, we use something thinner and a lot better for your pores actually. Lotion!!! Well...lotion and a primer! When you are putting your makeup on in the morning/evening, add this little tid bit to your routine. Wash your face (use a scrub once a week to clear out your pores... I recommend using at the end of the week), pat dry, moisturize, prime, and finally, apply your foundation. Your foundation will look cleaner, less noticeable (depending on the brand*), and more even.

I don't wear foundation usually, but I do follow this routine and just use a powder to create a matte look for myself. I use Expert Shine Control Lotion from Boots, ELF face primer and Rimmel London 004 Sandstorm powder.

*not all brands can be treated the same and some liquid and powder foundations I have used tend to flake and create a dried out look on the face, even after primer and lotion. All you need to do is find a foundation that covers your face like you want it to.

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Makeup Tip of the Week

A lot of women like the classic red lip, but some don't think that they can wear red lipstick. Whatever excuse you are telling yourself, if you are one that thinks you can't wear red lipstick, nothing could be further from the truth. You CAN wear red lipstick! There are different SHADES of red lipsticks that you can purchase. It's all about finding the shade that works for you.

First, a little color theory to make this a little more understandable. Everything has a undertone to it, whether it be warm, cool or neutral. Warm tones have a red or orange base. Cool tones have a blue or purple base. And neutral tones have a brown base. So in theory, there are three different types of red lipsticks. Warm red, cool red and neutral red.

Warm reds will be the orange-y reds that you see that are now coming into fashion. If you have a warmer skin tone (tan, olive, black) these lipsticks will generally look good on you.

Cool reds will be the blue-based colors...yes, you can actually see the blue base underneath when you put it on, if you really look for it. These reds are the more classic looks and they look good on cooler skin tones (ivory, fairer skin tones), but they can also look good on the warmer skin tones!

Neutral reds are going to be the berry-ish colors. Mostly brown with a touch of red. Anybody can wear a neutral color, it's all just finding your shade of neutral colors. These can go down into the nude shades as well.

So go and be brave and embrace the red lip! It never hurts to try! If you don't want to commit to buying a shade of red that you just may never use (I have done this with an orange based...not pretty on me), go to a makeup place like Sephora or Ulta and ask one of the associates to help you find your shade and go from there. Target also offers a beauty adviser from time to time. Department stores at the malls that have makeup counters can also help you if you still are looking for the right shade. 


My red lip is Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate #111 "Kiss of Life". It is a blue-based red and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!

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