......then again....maybe not......

You will not BELIEVE what I have been through the past few months! Seriously. I have been working a lot recently and I know my last post was back in February, but so much has changed in the past few months...and I don't mean life wise. My skin has been through hell and back and I really am not talking figuratively. I....*sobs* I'm allergic.........*sobs harder* Oh lord! I'm allergic to Too Faced products.....*sobs uncontrollably*! I legit was using all Too Faced products on my face and eyes. Allow me to explain. 

I was working a wedding back in April and basically all of March I was suffering from severe sinus infections which brought my asthma back and all this health stuff that really kind of doesn't matter. So I got better and I was healing and stuff, but then I started developing this weird reaction that I figured was from my asthma. My face would start tingling and I couldn't really breathe well and yeah...stuff that had both me and my doctor slightly concerned. I started developing a really bad rash on my face, my contacts wouldn't stop going blurry, my skin burned slightly when I had my foundation on and would tingle even worse. So I was upset that my face was red and bumpy and off to Michigan I went. I went and got all this hypo-allergenic skin care stuff and masks and junk to help my skin, which it did until I put my makeup on again. So Katie and I got back from Michigan and gradually it dawned on me....it was my makeup causing me to have this reaction. I went to work the next Monday will limited makeup on when my eyes started burning and then I realized....I tightlined my eyes with a Too Faced eyeliner and used Better Than Sex Mascara, so I stopped using Too Faced and found other products to use and my skin got better.

So I did what any rational person would do....gave away all my Too Faced stuff and bought new things. I bought the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation and Concealor. Those always made my skin look really patchy for some reason, so eventually I mixed the foundation in with my Kat Von D Foundation and when I ran out of that.....well let's just say I was never happy with my makeup. I figured the problem out with that too. The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea products are water based.....my skin is oily. As the day went on and my skin inevitably got oily....hello basic science! Water and oil don't mix and my foundation separated from my face.

So here I am...two months later and I finally found something that works for me. I have been using the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation. And may I just say how much I bloody love this stuff! My skin gets oily still, BUT even when I pat away the excess oil, my foundation doesn't budge! It is definitely $39 well spent...even if it is only 1 oz. But hey...you don't need much to cover your whole face so it has lasted me quite some time.

So yes, my skin has been to hell and back, but I have to say, I definitely am happy that my ENTIRE kit wasn't Too Faced, or I would have been royally screwed! But just for laughs....allow me to tell you of the tale of when I ordered foundation from one of my favorite companies. Even though it is pricey, I love Mirenesse Australia because they have some of the BEST liquid liners I have ever had the privilege of using. Katie ordered me their lightest foundation from Haute Look one day and when it came, I was super excited! I did my makeup with it (this is before I had Makeup Forever) and......well......let me just say that their lightest shade was about 2 shades too dark for me! I think my mom is using it now.....not sure, but it was funny!

I will be back with a review of all the skin care and new products I have been using since the Too Faced Incident soon, but for now....ta!


Posted on June 29, 2016 .