And the winner is...........

Me! I'd like to thank the academy, my mom, my sister, and the rest of my family for putting up with and helping me "feed" my obsession; to the wonderful ladies at Melt Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, and Benefit Cosmetics for making such wonderful make up. *music starts* I'm not done yet!

Hello one and all! In my last post, I said I was getting new products and I would review them shortly after receiving them. Well I have received all of my new makeup, either by post or going out and buying it, so here we go!

First , these are the products I now have:

- Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter
- Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack
- Melt Cosmetics Love Sick Stack
- Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub "Strawberry Gum"
- Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick "Androgyny"

So without further ado, here we go! Side note: if you didn't read that last part in Mario's voice, you're wrong.

Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter:
This name is so much fun to say...Watt's Up!!! This highlighter is a cream to powder formula and is so easy to blend out! The more you pack it on, the more pigmented it gets, but it is very pigmented at first swipe. It is so creamy at first, but the more I manipulate it to blend it in, the more it sets itself. I really am falling hard for this product! I still love my Becca highlighter, but until I can get more....I will most definitely keep using (and saying) Watt's Up! Benefit as a brand is cruelty free as well.

Melt Cosmetics Stacks in Love Sick and Dark Matter
I have way more eyeshadow than I care to admit and I just had to splurge and get these stacks! I have been wanting these two for the longest time and I finally have my hands on them! Let me just say....Ho-ly crap this stuff is pigmented! It blends like butter and you can mix and match the stacks together! I have to say, I already have three favorite shades, "Promiscuous", "Love Sick", and "Enigma". I am in absolute love with these stacks! They are so creamy and I don't have much, if any, fall out with them! They are a bit pricey, but well worth it as the pans are fairly big and you don't need a whole lot of product. The stacks are $48 each, but as I said, you do get a lot of product for that price. Oh and did I mention that the stacks are magnetic and you can shape them however you want to apply! Melt is of course cruelty free!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics
I have been waiting and waiting to get my hands on the oh so coveted shade of lipstick, and I finally got it! But I also ordered a lip scrub along with it, so I'll review that first! The Velour Lip Scrub in Strawberry Gum is sugar based and completely edible! It is such a good way to prep your lips before using ANY lipstick to get a nice smooth base before applying. "It's so tasty too, just like candy!"  It really does taste good! My lips always feel so good after using it too, and you get a pretty large pot for $12 and you don't need a lot anyways, so this stuff will last you a very long time. The Lip Scrub is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and Gluten Free as well so that just makes it so much better!

Now...for the lipstick! I have been DYING to get Androgyny for such a long time and when Jeffree announced it was coming back, I nearly died of excitement....okay that's a bit of an overstatement, but hey....I'm dramatic. As soon as this lipstick was available, I threw it in my cart and checked out in less than a minute! I'm not even kidding, It went live at 1:00 PM EST and I checked out by 1:01 PM EST! This lip color also sold out very quickly, so I am so happy I got it when I did! It arrived and let me just say....this description is directly from the website, which will be linked below: Be warned: this shade might be your new obsession ;) Sultry, plum mauve, matte and extremely addicting.

I have to agree with this description 100%!!!!!!! It is my new obsession!!!! I don't really want to wear any other lip color. I love love love this shade so much! The formula of it doesn't dry my lips out like most liquids do, the doe foot applicator is so amazing and I can actually fill my lips in without much need of clean up around my lips! I don't need a liner with it, and I am just madly in love with it! Next time it is available....I buying 2! I cannot stress how much I love this lipstick!!!! The lipstick is $18 and is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, and Gluten Free!

Alright...whew! That's done....I'm sure that I am going to have other things to review and other favorites, but for now...that's it! I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day, and I will be back soon.....ish for another post!



Posted on February 27, 2016 .