A few of my favorite things.......

Hello, hello, hello! I am back, and once again I am so sorry for taking so long for to write this post. I'm not even going to say I was busy or that things got hectic....how's this? Life got in the way and I'm horrible at keeping up with this! I have a ton of new makeup to try and am currently trying and will write a review soon for these products, but today I am going to review some new products I have acquired in the past few months. So without too much delay, here are just a few of my favorite things!

Skin care:
-Coast to Coast: Coastal Lightweight Moisture Lotion Wild Rosella and Lavender for Normal/Dry Skin:

As you all know, I struggle with extremely oily skin, but I also struggle a bit with some dryness in some areas if I don't scrub my face before applying makeup, which I don't do everyday anyways. Scrubbing your face makes your skin go into overtime on producing oil and that is the last thing I need! So I have been trying to find a good lotion that moisturizes my skin and doesn't make my skin super oily later in the day. I was at Ulta with Katie about a month ago and saw this lotion on sale and decided to give it a shot. Ho-ly crap is this stuff amazing! Not only does it smell sooooo good, but it is so lightweight and not very oily! I don't get dry patches on my skin and I don't get super oily either! Coast to Coast is an Australian brand, cruelty free, contains sunscreen and UV filters, as well as marine extracts. This product is all in all amazing for your skin! I am in love with it! I don't quite remember the full price but I believe we purchased it for around $6 on sale. Worth the purchase!   http://coasttocoastaustralia.com.au/

-Laura Geller Spackle Treatment Even Tone Makeup Primer:

I wrote about Hourglass primer a while ago and swore by that stuff, and still do. But I got this makeup primer from Ulta as a sample and decided to give it a go! My makeup looks so perfect after I use this primer. It is a bit thicker than the Hourglass primer so I do have to use more to cover my face, but it sets in no time and my foundation looks just amazing! I can't even describe it! I did my research on the Laura Geller brand and nowhere on the site, that I could find, does it say that this brand is cruelty free, but I did type in "cruelty free" into the search bar and the Spackle Treatment was amongst the products in the list, so I will continue using it....for now.  http://www.laurageller.com/face/spackle-primer.html

-NYX HD Concealer in the shade CW01:

Can I just say that I didn't usually use concealer, but I have been for just about a year, but I never expected to fall so deeply in love with a product! I like NYX anyways, but this concealer is just incredible! It is full coverage and highlights very well...considering I got the lightest shade possible. At first I did find it a bit difficult to blend properly, but it blends out really well. It sets really well for me and even though it does get into my fine lines under my eye and crease in there, it doesn't crease anywhere else. I do use it on my lids as a base and I have not had any problem with eyeshadow creasing in a long time! I believe that this concealer is around $10, not the most inexpensive but also not the most expensive concealer.

-NYX Mineral "Set it & Don't Fret It" Matte Finishing Powder in the shade Light/Medium:

Okay so this one I must admit that I was a bit skeptical using for the first time as it is a loose powder. I only ever used pressed powders to set my makeup or as my foundation in general about a year ago....lord how far I've come! I started branching into loose powders when I was watching a makeup tutorial on Jeffree Star's Youtube channel (if you haven't checked it out, you should)! I decided to try it and I was hooked! I don't "bake" in the sense of I let it sit for 5-10 minutes on my face, but I set my concealer with the loose powder using a damp beauty blender and then while I load my brush up to set the rest of my face I let the loose powder "bake" for 30 seconds and brush off the excess and continue with my makeup routine! This powder is so incredible, I really do enjoy using it. My face doesn't look as cakey as it used to, shocking considering I use way more products than I used to, and it just feels so soft after! Again, I'm not too sure of the price, but I do believe that this was about $10. All NYX products are cruelty free.  http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/

-BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Opal:

I got this as a trial from Ulta the same day I got the Laura Geller Spackle Treatment. I haven't been highlighting my cheeks for very long, again pretty recent development in my makeup routine....thanks again Jeffree Star! But this.....I can see why everyone has been making such a fuss about this! Oh...my.....lanta! When I wear this on my cheeks.....and I top it with my Physicians Formula.....My highlight is brighter than my future! I cannot believe how amazing that combo is! I know that I will definitely be buying the full size AND the powder as soon as humanly possible! I always SnapChat Katie whenever I do my full face just to show her my highlight! I swoon every day when I see this in my drawer! BECCA is also a cruelty free line!  https://www.beccacosmetics.com/

-Benefit Roller Lash Mascara:

I have sworn by my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, and I have sworn by a lot of mascaras....and this mascara I will also swear by! This mascara is a dream! I love this stuff! It mixes so well with my other mascaras to create such an amazing look! This is amazing! The tube it comes in is amazing and the formula for it is so soft! It doesn't clump and it separates my lashes wonderfully! Benefit is cruelty free and this mascara is $24 and completely worth it!  https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/us/en

-Smashbox X-RATED Mascara:

This is a brand new acquisition for me and immediately I was amazed! Not only is the tube awesome, but the brush is amazing, the formula is super soft and doesn't clump, it separates my lashes really well, and smells so damn good! I don't know why I smell my makeup, but I do and this smells super good! I have been mixing this with my Roller Lash and the result is long lashes that are separate and full! Love love love this mascara! Smashbox is cruelty free and this mascara is $22!  http://www.smashbox.com/

-Blackmoon Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Deranged and Purgatory:

I love me some liquid to matte lipsticks and my usual go to is Limecrime, but I found this cosmetics company through Instagram and the colors they offer are so beautiful and unique I just couldn't resist! I wanted these two colors the most and when their Black Friday sale came around, my mom bought them for me for Christmas, which I got for St. Nicklaus Day instead. The formula on these lipsticks are absolutely drool worthy! It is by far the softest lipstick I have ever worn! It smells amazing and the feel of it is just like touching velvet. I have been feeling very dark lately so these two colors are perfect for my moods! Deranged is a maroon and Purgatory is a very dark purple that looks nearly black. These lipsticks run for $18 each on http://www.blackmooncosmetics.com/ and Blackmoon is vegan and cruelty free. 

-Limecrime Liquid Lipstick in the shade Black Velvet:

Yes you read that right....I said black! I now have black lipstick in my arsenal! And can I just say.....I really do rock it! Like I said before, I have been feeling the dark side a bit lately and this black is just perfect for when I want to say, "This lipstick shade is as black as my soul, but I'm really a nice person and this counts as being elegant as well!" I think Limecrime may have changed their formula since I first bought their products mostly due to the fact that the last three shades of theirs I have bought don't dry my lips out like my "Red Velvet" does. I don't know, but this lipstick looks terrifying at first but is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors! Limecrime is cruelty free and this lipstick is $20. https://www.limecrime.com/

Finishing Sprays:
-Urban Decay De-Slick and All Nighter Setting Sprays:

This is also a new thing for me, but I have to agree with how Katie put it one day..."You wouldn't do an updo and not spray your hair afterward. The same goes for your face!" Katie and I both started using these setting sprays at the same time and both of us love them! It really does help keep your makeup in place all day and keeps me from getting oily! I do use both the De-Slick and All Nighter as that helps keep the oil at bay. I honestly must say that if you are wearing any amount of makeup, doesn't matter if you wear the full mask or just do one little bit, you really should use some kind of setting spray. I prefer Urban Decay, but that is just me! Full Size Setting Sprays run for $30 and travel sizes run for $14. Urban Decay is cruelty free as well!  http://www.urbandecay.com/

Well then....whew! Now that all of that is done....I think I am going to go kick back and just relax for a bit! I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful holiday season, a wonderful New Year, and continues to have a wonderful year!


Posted on February 12, 2016 .