Makeup Review: Melt Cosmetics Part 1

I am back with another review, and I didn't wait more than a few months! Okay so being completely honest here...I actually won't have the makeup I ordered from Melt until tomorrow possibly....last I checked it was in Florida. This is more of a review of the actual company, which I am more than impressed with!

In case you have no clue what Melt Cosmetics is, it is a makeup company created by two women in the makeup industry. I discovered them not that long ago from following one of the creators, Lora, on Instagram. I checked out their site and the colors alone are amazingly pigmented and beautiful! I'm leaving a link to their website below.

The one shade I have wanted since I found the site finally came back in stock last week and so after getting paid and paying bills (barf...adulthood), I ordered this lovely grey lipstick in the shade "Space Cake"! I went through the confirming of everything and the paying of it, and just when I looked at the shipping information, I saw that it automatically set to shipping Priority 2 Day shipping! I was shocked and so happy! I placed my order and went about my work day. Around 1 pm, I checked my emails and found something I really wasn't shipping confirmation email saying my lipstick had already shipped. 3 HOURS AFTER ORDERING! Super fast! On top of this, at the bottom of each email, it states that if you see something wrong (i.e. address, name, zip code, order) you can reply to the email and they will fix it! Just above the tracking number, it also states, "Want to stalk your mailman? Track your package." I found that pretty funny! Honestly, without even having received my lipstick, I am already super impressed with this company and its customer service!

Apparently my lipstick will be arriving tomorrow, so providing it arrives in the mail room before the mail man sets out with letters, I should get it and I will do a review of it as soon as I use it!

Melt Cosmetics....good on ya for amazing customer service!

Posted on September 27, 2015 .