Makeup Review: Kat Von D Foundation and Primer

Hello, hello and welcome back to my blog! I know that the last thing I wrote was that Katie and I were moving to LA....but that didn't happen, unfortunately. Long story short with this one:
 Katie and I were all set to leave, had an apartment lined up and everything, I even had two boxes pack (still do to be honest...I know...I'm lazy), and then suddenly, as quickly as everything sprung into action, everything fell through. The apartment, the school, everything. So now we are waiting a year, maybe....hopefully...and working to save up money and figure life out. I'm now a receptionist at a salon in Arlington. Katie is a stylist at the same salon, but in Fair Oaks.

So now that we have all that crap out of the way, I will move on to the true purpose of this post. I'M DOING A MAKEUP REVIEW! So recently, I have been struggling to find something to battle my oily skin so that it wouldn't show through before I left work, but alas....nothing seems to be working. So I did a little research and upon running out of my BH Cosmetics liquid foundation...I went out and spent a little more money on myself and my makeup! I decided to try out the Kat Von D Lock It Primer and Liquid Foundation....and fell MADLY in love with it! The Foundation is full coverage, but if you mix it with the Primer (which is water based....not silicone so it doesn't feel oily as it goes on), you can get lesser coverage. My current ratio is 1:1, 1 pump Primer, 1 pump Liquid Foundation, and I get medium coverage. As I soon ran out of my Too Faced Cocoa Powder Pressed Powder Foundation, I bought the Kat Von D Lock It Pressed Powder Foundation as well and it works so well! I absolutely love the coverage and matte look I get with it! My face still gets pretty oily, but I don't need to pat it as often as I used to. I did get a new primer to try underneath of all of this....but that is the next review, which will be up tomorrow!

So, if you are looking to try a new foundation set, I HIGHLY recommend the Kat Von D Lock It products. They are pretty pricey, but entirely worth it as you do not need a lot of anything! If you are interested, I will have the prices of these three products below.

Kat Von D Lock It Featherweight Primer: $32

Kat Von D Lock It Liquid Foundation: $35

Kat Von D Lock It Powder Foundation: $ 35

I have only found these products at Sephora, so these are the Sephora prices!

Until tomorrow!


Posted on September 23, 2015 .