Exciting News!

I know, I know....I really need to get better at blogging, and I can say I'm busy and everything, but still. I really need to pick up on it! But that's what I'm writing about now.....I want to keep everyone in the big ball of wibbly wobbly stuff that is my life! I have a very exciting announcement to make, but I need to tell you a little back story first....per my usual blog posts!

Back at the beginning of March, I got the chance to fly out to Los Angeles to visit one of my best friends and just relax. I did some sight seeing, met a few celebrities, saw the entire city and the ocean from the Griffith Observatory, and a bunch of other things! It was so much fun and considering I hate heat and cities, I fell madly in love with LA and didn't want to leave! so now that we are past the back story, I can get to the part that really matters! The first day that I went out to explore, I called the Uber and was heading into the city when I saw it! I saw a building with amazing pictures of makeup and designs and it caught my eye. All I could think of was that I loved the designs and wanted to see what it was...and then I saw it! IT WAS A SCHOOL FOR MAKEUP! I had to double take considering I didn't think I saw it correctly, but I did and you wouldn't believe the speed that I got my phone unlocked and searching! I looked the school up and was amazed! Later that evening, I had cooked dinner and I was sitting talking to my friend and her roommate about the school talking about it and they were saying I should go look at it...I agreed that it wouldn't hurt and kind of pushed it aside. It wasn't until later that week that I called the school and toured it. Again...I immediately fell in love and decided I would talk to my family when I got home and we could decide from there. I got home and everything kind of went into motion really quickly!

So time for the announcement.....I'M MOVING TO LA! Again, everything sprang into motion really quickly and I applied to the school and we will be going into final details in about a week...but that isn't the only great news......KATIE IS COMING WITH ME!!!! I convinced Katie to join me in the school and considering the careers we want to pursue....this is the right choice! We are extremely excited to be going on this adventure and starting something new! But what does this mean for the website and our freelancing? Well....we are taking this all to the West Coast! With joining a makeup school, we are going to learn amazing tricks and tips that we can share with you on here! So, that is the exciting news....Katie and I are moving to Los Angeles in just a short amount of time and we are going to a makeup school!

You guys can follow us on this journey as well, I will be filming the drive out and a little bit here and there and will be posting on my personal Facebook page, but I will also link the videos here!


Posted on May 29, 2015 .