Beauty Tip of the Month

Happy New Year!!! Okay, okay...I know! I am kind of terrible at this whole keeping up with my blog type thing! But I will try to post more often! Maybe I'll even try a monthly favorites type thing! Who knows! I have gotten new products that I am absolutely in love with, but I think I'll do that in a different blog post. As I have said in the past blog posts, I have been super busy between salon work and life, it all just kind of got in the way. But that is one thing I want to talk about today. Life getting in the way and that six letter word....STRESS! We all stress over different things but the one thing that doesn't differ, is the fact that stress affects us. Stress can affect us all in different ways, but it does affect us.

Statistically, Americans are more stressed that any other allied country in the world due to the amount of work we do. 44% of Americans are more stressed today than they were five years ago. But what is stress? Stress is your body's response to doing anything demanding. When you start to stress, your body releases the hormone mixture of cortisol, epinephrine/norepinephrine, and adrenaline creating a reaction of your body sensing danger and throwing you into "fight or flight mode". The more you stay in this state of stress, the more energy you are depleting and the more tired you become. This state can also bring about acne, obesity, suppress your immune system, and many other things. Being stressed can also lead to higher risks of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. With all these hormones rampaging your body, your blood gradually becomes sort of poisoned from the stress.

"But Alyx, how does this apply to beauty?" It's simple. The more you stress, the more you lose sleep. The more you lose sleep, the more tired you become. The more tired you become, the more tired you look. The more tired you look, the more makeup you use. And the more makeup you use, the more you risk going out looking like this:

That was a good look for Robin Williams in the 90's, not for everyone nowadays! But looking tired isn't the only thing stress can lead to. It can lead to hair loss, weight gain (as stated above), mood swings, and many other things.

"Okay Miss Smarty Pants, if I'm stressed out, how can I relieve stress?" Glad you asked! Finding something you enjoy doing is a wonderful stress reliever. Reading, writing, exercise, math questions (for you math people out there), dancing, listening to music, talking, laughing,  kick boxing, taking a nice hot bath, movies, YouTube videos, reading my blog posts (shameless self-promoting), this list could go on and on! Whenever someone asks me how I don't get stressed, I say, "Because I have found my bliss." and honestly, I have. I read and write, listen to music, watch YouTube videos, find new shows to watch on TV and Netflix, and I play with makeup! We all get stressed, but it's all in how we deal with it. We really do live only one time, unless you believe in reincarnation. Why do we want to spend the one life we have to live stressed and unhappy?

Until next time everyone. And remember, laugh more, find your bliss, and stay beautiful!


Posted on January 25, 2015 .