Makeup Tip of the Week

I actually made it before the month was out.....WOOHOO!!! So this week/month for my blog...I'm going to do a bit of a rant whilst giving you some advice! This is also going to be a multi-tip blog! So, without further ado....(I know, I know...I usually have a back story, an essay, history lesson, and then some!) here are the tips I bring to thee!

1) Lighting, lighting, lighting

In cosmetology school, or at least the one I went to, we learned about how lighting affects EVERYTHING! This includes hair color, skin tone, shading, highlighting, etc. There are three different types of light. There is incandescent light, fluorescent light, and natural light. Incandescent light is the light that makes the warmer (red) tones come out in your skin and hair, which makes you look more tan. Fluorescent light is the light that makes the cool (blue) tones come out in your skin and hair, which makes you look more pale, tired, etc. Natural light is just that...natural. It is the light that comes straight from the sun, which is the best light that you can use! So, let me give you a scenario that has happened to me before. I was doing makeup on a client who wanted a very simple, natural look and she said she liked how my eyeshadow was. I was using a new palette that is all natural tones and all of the colors brighten up as you blend. I always start with a darker color on the outside of the eye and move inward. I was working in a combination of natural and incandescent light so it can make the eyeshadow look darker than normal. When I finished with the dark brown color, she looked in the mirror and said that the makeup was too dark. I finished the makeup and she still said it was too dark, so I lightened it up as much as I could without removing the makeup and starting over. When she walked into the next room, which was filled with natural light (completely white room with many windows), she saw her makeup and realized that it wasn't so dark after all. But this actually leads me into my next tip:


I'm one that is usually quick to trust, but once you lose that is gone. A good portion of stylists went to school, worked for a year or more and took their test and got licensed for one reason. They love this industry! I love being able to turn someone around in my chair and make them feel as beautiful as I saw them when they walked in! That is my favorite part! But the thing is, we know what we are doing. We know how lighting affects skin tone and color, we know what colors will work with your skin tone or what will make your eyes pop. Yes it can be scary to let someone you may have just met have all your trust, but we really do know what we are doing. I was trained on hair and makeup from one of the best schools in the country and I have picked up things from the various shows and shoots I have done in the past, so although there is more and more for me to learn, I do know what I am doing. Which leads me to my next point:


We stylists are tougher than you think we are. The one thing that I want when you leave my chair, is to be happy with the finished look that I have given you. If when your stylist or makeup artist is done and presents you with the finished look and you aren't satisfied with it in any way, please, PLEASE, PLEASE  tell your stylist what you don't like! We won't cry or be angry, we will do our best to fix what needs fixing and do our best to make you happy with your results! It makes us happy to see you walk out pleased with your hair/makeup. We will be angry if you say you like what we gave you and then complain later to the front desk or online that we didn't do a good job and didn't give you what you want. Which kind of leads me to my last point:

4) Know when to RUN!

Trying to figure out how to start this part is harder than most, so I guess I will just jump right in and say it. If a stylist is willing to keep highlighting, lightening, relaxing, doing that Brazilian blowout treatment without educating you on the dangers of continuing those, RUN FAST AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE! Your hair can break, fall out, something stylists commonly call a "chemical cut"! It's not pretty! So if your stylist is okay with continuing to do damaging services, run away and save your head. If your stylist educates you on why you should not do those services...keep them around, they want you to be happy!

Posted on August 16, 2014 .