Makeup Tip of the Week

Something that has been brought to my attention is something that seems to become VERY popular these days! Because of the rise in technology, we can now print things in 3D, which is a huge feat for humanity! But now, someone has taken this 3D printing to a whole new level. We can now print makeup...yes I said makeup! Humans have gone from using stones and plants to using a printer to get our makeup! Now, don't get me wrong, this is, if produced properly, an amazing piece of technology...I will concede to that. You can print ANY color that your heart desires with just a point and click...eyeshadows, lipsticks...the works apparently! But here is the problem with it. The inventor of this printer has said that big businesses are after money, but then again, who isn't? If you put your time and money into creating something, you deserve to get the money that will be flowing your way if it is a success! So here's the thing...doesn't that mean that SHE is in it for the money as well? She is going to retail this amazing printer starting at $300 and it will use FDA-approved ink. You still have to buy the ink for it, which who knows how much that'll be. So in the end, you aren't really saving any money printing you own makeup at home. There's no guarantee that this printed makeup is going to be very pigmented. There is no guarantee that this makeup is going to be hypoallergenic, which these days is what most makeup companies are trying to do. There is no guarantee that this makeup is really safe. You are putting INK on your face...even if it is FDA-apporved! You might as well get least it will last! Sephora and MAC and all those other makeup retailers may charge a higher amount of money for the makeup, but look at what you are really getting! You are getting pigmented, safe makeup that has the ingredients right there for you to read! You are getting makeup that lasts for a long time! I still have a MAC eyeshadow that I bought a few years back and it is still full and I use it a lot! If you don't want to pay $50 for a makeup palette, there are other makeup companies that have pigmented makeup that is less expensive! I use a lot of BH Cosmetics which sells very pigmented makeup for a very inexpensive price! If it is color you are worried about, no worries. Any Makeup Artist should be able to replicate any shade or color you wish to try with the simple mixing and blending of colors and would be happy to educate you on how to do so yourself. So really, my tip for this week is this:

If you are willing to spend $300+ for a printer that prints "makeup" that may not be good for your skin, you might as well take a trip to your local Sephora or MAC store and pay $50-$60 for high quality makeup.

Posted on May 8, 2014 .