Makeup Tip of the Week

All this time, I have been talking about having makeup on, but now I think I should talk about the different ways to take makeup OFF! There are many different ways to take off your makeup and there are many different brands of makeup remover. I have used a lot of the different wipes that are out there and honestly, I prefer either the Neutrogena Wipes or the ELF Wipes. The Neutrogena tend to get more makeup off in one swipe than any other remover.

Besides plain old makeup remover, you can use baby oil on a cotton pad/ball, just be careful around the eyes.

Soap and water is another way to get your makeup off, but it isn't something I necessarily recommend since the soap could get into your eyes.

There are many other at home solutions if you don't want / like makeup remover / wipes, I have added a link below for a site that has 7 at home solutions for makeup removal!

Posted on April 24, 2014 .