Makeup Tip of the Week

About 5 weeks ago, I wrote about how to pick out the proper foundation color and I realized that there is a tip that can make your foundation look even better, and quite honestly, I wish I knew this tip back when I was in high school and had to cake on the makeup for marching band competitions! I always had the problem of really flakey, cakey foundation and, though it looked good from the judges place at the top of the stadium, up close I looked like I slammed my face into cake flour and blended it in. It wasn't until I went to beauty school that I learned this little trick.

Where Marilyn Monroe used Vaseline on her face prior to her foundation application on movie sets, we use something thinner and a lot better for your pores actually. Lotion!!! Well...lotion and a primer! When you are putting your makeup on in the morning/evening, add this little tid bit to your routine. Wash your face (use a scrub once a week to clear out your pores... I recommend using at the end of the week), pat dry, moisturize, prime, and finally, apply your foundation. Your foundation will look cleaner, less noticeable (depending on the brand*), and more even.

I don't wear foundation usually, but I do follow this routine and just use a powder to create a matte look for myself. I use Expert Shine Control Lotion from Boots, ELF face primer and Rimmel London 004 Sandstorm powder.

*not all brands can be treated the same and some liquid and powder foundations I have used tend to flake and create a dried out look on the face, even after primer and lotion. All you need to do is find a foundation that covers your face like you want it to.

Posted on April 19, 2014 .