Makeup Tip of the Week

A lot of women like the classic red lip, but some don't think that they can wear red lipstick. Whatever excuse you are telling yourself, if you are one that thinks you can't wear red lipstick, nothing could be further from the truth. You CAN wear red lipstick! There are different SHADES of red lipsticks that you can purchase. It's all about finding the shade that works for you.

First, a little color theory to make this a little more understandable. Everything has a undertone to it, whether it be warm, cool or neutral. Warm tones have a red or orange base. Cool tones have a blue or purple base. And neutral tones have a brown base. So in theory, there are three different types of red lipsticks. Warm red, cool red and neutral red.

Warm reds will be the orange-y reds that you see that are now coming into fashion. If you have a warmer skin tone (tan, olive, black) these lipsticks will generally look good on you.

Cool reds will be the blue-based colors...yes, you can actually see the blue base underneath when you put it on, if you really look for it. These reds are the more classic looks and they look good on cooler skin tones (ivory, fairer skin tones), but they can also look good on the warmer skin tones!

Neutral reds are going to be the berry-ish colors. Mostly brown with a touch of red. Anybody can wear a neutral color, it's all just finding your shade of neutral colors. These can go down into the nude shades as well.

So go and be brave and embrace the red lip! It never hurts to try! If you don't want to commit to buying a shade of red that you just may never use (I have done this with an orange based...not pretty on me), go to a makeup place like Sephora or Ulta and ask one of the associates to help you find your shade and go from there. Target also offers a beauty adviser from time to time. Department stores at the malls that have makeup counters can also help you if you still are looking for the right shade. 


My red lip is Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate #111 "Kiss of Life". It is a blue-based red and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!

Posted on April 10, 2014 .